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Non-Traditional Arthritis Aids

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Appears helpful in many dogs (and cats), and is often recommended in conjunction with NSAIDS (prescription anti-inflammatory drugs).  It is also often used alone, or with Omega 3’s (see below), in animals with early arthritis, or in breeds prone to early-onset arthritis.

We carry flavored glucosamine/chondroitin (granules and chews for dogs, and granules, capsules and flavored gel for cats).  These veterinary products are guaranteed for palatability and efficacy.

You many also try OTC supplements made for humans using the following dosage guidelines.  The dosage listed is for glucosamine only  (there is no standard dosage for chondroitin in dogs and cats), but look for a supplement containing both, as animals appear to do better when chondroitin is included in the supplement.

Glucosamine is very heat and light sensitive and is often damaged during production.  If you purchase an OTC product for humans, be sure the company’s quality control is good.  Kirkland and Schiff are two companies with a good track record.

        Initial dose (4-6 weeks)                       Maintenance dose

5-15 lbs          200mg/day                            100mg/day

16-30 lbs        500 mg/day                           250mg/day

31-60 lbs        1000mg/day                          500mg/day

61-100lbs      2000mg/day                          1000mg/day

over 100lbs    2500mg/day                         1250mg/day

OMEGA 3’s (fish oil)—Helpful for many inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and allergies.  We carry a concentrated form of Omega 3 that is easy to use (snap-tip capsules), but OTC formulas designed for humans are also fine, especially if your pet is an eager eater and will accept several capsules per day.  Read the label for the Omega 3 level in milligrams (may be separated into EPA and DHA—just add them together for the total Omega 3 dose). Do not use cod liver oil.

5-15 lbs          250mg/day

16-30 lbs        450mg/day

31-60 lbs        900mg/day

61-90 lbs        1800mg/day

over 90 lbs     2500mg/day

(Doses are approximate, may vary by up to 10-20%.  Use most convenient combination of capsules to get close to the suggested dose.)

ACUPUNCTURE—Helpful to many animals with muscle or skeletal pain or other chronic conditions where comfort care is an important issue (cancer, advanced kidney and liver disease, etc.).  Our doctors are not trained in acupuncture, but would be happy to refer you to a practitioner.  Dr. Arnold Wittstein, a veterinary acupuncturist practicing in Corvallis, will see animals here if several are able to come on the same day.  Contact him at 541-250-1302 for more information.  We are also able to refer animals with appropriate conditions for physical therapy.

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