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Tips for Getting Your Cat into a Carrier

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First, an introduction

Introduce your cat to the carrier before you need to use it for transport. Make it a familiar, secure and pleasant place so your cat feels comfortable and safe being in and around the carrier. here are some tips for familiarizing your cat with the carrier.

  • Set the carrier in a favorite place for your cat (int he sun or on a  favorite sofa).
  • Put a favorite blanket or soft, absorbent towel in the bottom.
  • Place a few kibbles of your cat’s food or a favorite treat in the carrier.
  • Use a pheromone spray or wipe, such as Feliway, to help calm your cat.
  • Leave the door open and let your cat get comfortable going in and out.
  • When your at intentionally chooses the carrier as a preferred hiding place, you can close the door for small periods of time- just a few seconds at first.
  • Make the carrier a comfortable resting, feeding or play location. Keep the transport carrier out and accessible in the home, not just when you’re taking your cat somewhere.

Easy Does It

If your cat has not been acclimated to the carrier and he or she will not willingly go in, use the following procedure to safely place your cat into the carrier:

  • Place the carrier on its end so the open door is facing the ceiling.
  • Put a towel in the bottom so if your cat urinates, the towel will absorb the wetness and keep it off of your cat as much as possible.
  • Pick your cat up under his front legs, with your other hand supporting his bottom.
  • Lower your cat rear-end first into the carrier, this way they will to feel like they’re being forced into a situation where there is no way out.
  • Close the door and secure the latch, then gently return the carrier to the correct position.
  • Cover the carrier with a  light towel or blanket.

Click the carrier below for a printable handout.

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